A Positive Mindset Matters When Planning for the Golden Years

3–Apr29 – A Positive Mindset Matters When Planning for the Golden Years – Blog

Everyone wants – and deserves – fantastic golden years. After all, retirement is a time to be who you want to be and to accomplish all you have ever desired. It is a period to celebrate the beauty of life, especially after so many years of being employed and doing your best in making ends meet or committing to a cause or calling. The golden years, in other words, are the best moments in one’s life!

And this is why we’d like to our part in helping readers, especially those in the baby boom generation, to have a chance to enjoy their golden years. Our previous article, Your Retirement Plans Should Include These Points, discusses several key factors that boomers should consider when planning for their future. And what particular key ingredient, happiness, is something we’d like to strongly emphasize for more to consider.

Why would we want to prioritize an emotion? It’s simply because that there a lot of individuals today who struggle to achieve a dream of a comfortable future. According to an Insured Retirement Institute report last year, almost half of the study’s respondents haven’t saved a single cent for their retirement! And to fan the flames of an already disastrous thought, the rising costs of health care, long term care, and other expected retirement necessities surely does not help!

We hope that by us writing more on the effects of having a positive mindset will then result in clarity for a boomer – that is, a clearer view of the future he or she desires and a better way of planning for brighter tomorrows.

You Positive Today = Positive Golden Years

What your future will be is determined how you feel today. You are basically sowing the seeds of something – whether it’ll be grand or not all depends on how you want it to be!

In effect, if you’re happy today, then more likely than not, your future will just be as positive as you were before. Happiness should be the forefront when planning for your future. It should be the first step you make when considering which retirement solutions to invest time in, the way you should approach your budget, and on how you should deal with individuals who’ll assist you towards the future you aspire. Try it for a better change – smile now and plan ahead!

Pushing Yourself through the Hardest Times

Additionally, instilling a positive mindset will allow you to get through even the darkest parts of your life. Your retirement plan, specifically, is expected to encounter numerous roadblocks or hurdles that you will need to accomplish.

Let’s take, for example, understanding complex retirement solutions such as Medicare Supplements. With ten standardized plans to choose from, understanding each policy may both be stressful and time-consuming. By having a positive mindset, you’d be able to find a plan that will best address your unique needs or circumstances. This is because that you are more likely to engage in a conversation with an insurance expert when you have a happier and clearer mind.

So don’t fret if you can’t understand a policy. Instead, take a deep breath, smile, and take your time understanding a concept at your pace. And if needed, feel free to consult with an expert!

Have a Happier Mindset = Have Healthier Golden Years

Additionally, happiness also means a healthier take on life. 5 Ways to Make Your Retirement Dreams a Reality, a recent post on FreeMedSuppQuotes, pointed out that happier boomers tend to be healthier than their peers. And this positive mindset can be seen in different situations:


Because boomers are exposed to an active lifestyle, they tend to be healthier both on a physical and emotional standing.

Addressing Medical Conditions

Social isolation, which is seen one of the leading causes of depression and anxiety among boomers, can be addressed with keeping relationships strong and happy.

And also, a happier mindset will also allow a boomer to engage in more fun and substantial activities during the golden years. Some of the best retirement dreams a person would want to achieve are:

  • Traveling
  • Starting a New Business
  • Learning a New Skill
  • Spending More Time with Friends and Family

The common denominator with these dreams is that it all involves being healthy. And although there is no easy way to stay fit (and yes, it does depend on each individual’s drive to focus on health), pushing for a positive perspective is definitely a good start to get the ball rolling!

We all hope that everyone gets a shot towards a brighter tomorrow. Everyone really deserves only the best during the golden years. And being happy may just be the trigger that’ll result in greater things in life. So be happy! Do you have any comments about the suggested tips above? Let us know below!

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