5 (+1) Safe Travel Tips for Baby Boomers

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For most baby boomers, traveling is one of the most-anticipated activities to look forward to in retirement. As such, we’d like to extend some helpful travel tips to secure one’s safety in the future. Everyone deserves both fun and security when satisfying their wanderlust, after all!

Safe Travel Tip 1: Map Out Your Trip

Traveling, whether locally or abroad, involves considering a lot of details. And this is why, when making sure to have a fantastic and safe journey, writing down even the smallest details will matter. Begin by identifying where you want to visit. From there, you can check the essentials on what to do in the area, places to visit, lingo to use when conversing with locals, and other activities to do during your trip.

Next is to book the trip in advance. Doing so will allow you to prevent the hassle and frustration of sold-out tickets. After all these, you can then plan out an itinerary for your trip. Aside from having a daily schedule, make sure to also include some much-needed rest and recreation in the plan. Itineraries may help you make the most out of your travels, but it can also be stressful (which you shouldn’t even be feeling during vacation!) if you do not include some rest time in it.

Safe Travel Tip 2: Pack the Essentials

Include only the essentials in your luggage – you wouldn’t want some unneeded baggage to slow you down during your trip, right? Aside from packing light, make sure to have multiple copies of important documents with you. You can keep original copies in the safety deposit box at the hotel you’re staying for safe keeping.

The same idea goes for money as well. If possible, do not bring all of your credit or debit cards with you. Cash should also be stored in separate areas. We’re trying to prevent the worst-case scenario of your wallet being stolen – replacing all these cards and cash may prove to be a stressful and devastating experience to have!

Safe Travel Tip 3: Let Your Friends and Family Know

As much as you’d want to explore and discover new places, please make sure to inform the closest people in your life about your trips as well. Your neighbors, particularly, need to be aware when you’re traveling for them to keep an eye out on your property. Additionally, you may also want to consider purchasing home alert devices as a deterrent for thefts and the like. For mail, you can also request the Post Office to place a hold on your mail or any other written correspondence during the period you’re gone.

Safe Travel Tip 4: Keep Track of Your Health

Your doctor needs to be aware of your trip as well. Aside from ensuring that you are physically fit for travel, prescription drugs and medical prescriptions can be adjusted if needed as well. Also, make sure to find out if there are any medical issues or diseases prevalent in the area you plan to visit. As we’ve mentioned in our previous article, Tips to Cover the Gaps of Health Care Costs, getting sick especially during a trip is financially stressful as well. You’d want to make sure you’re in tip-top shape during your trip.

Safe Travel Tip 5: Medicare Supplement (Also Known as Medigap) Insurance Coverage

What is Medigap coverage? In line with the mentioned point and article above, having an illness during the trip is frustrating both for one’s health and finances. Depending on the purchased Medigap plan, foreign travel coverage may be included. This benefit assures policyholders that emergency health care will be covered, should he or she needs it.

BONUS Safe Travel Tip: Be Happy

The most important safe travel tip that we’d want to remind you readers is to be happy. Having a positive mindset will make not only the actual journey more exciting, but may prove to be beneficial during the planning part itself. Bring in the positive vibes for you (and even your partner, if you are married) to look forward towards a safe and fun travel experience!

Do you have other tips to include above? Please let us know in the comments section below. We hope everyone enjoys their trips!

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